Kelsey's Obsessions

Just a 20 year old who reblogs everything she loves on her dashboard. I've got anxiety and depression, which is what my username is all about. I don't hear voices, it is just the anxiety part of me and the real me battle daily. I'm recovering from a broken heart. I fell in love with somebody who thought drugs were better than me. Also, I lost my stepmom in Feb. of this year to a very long battle with breast cancer.

I don’t want to go looking for some guy to fill this unwanted emptiness. Life isn’t fair, we all know. It hurts more because I know if you had stayed away from the drugs, we’d be together. I wouldn’t be searching for the old you. The one who was perfect for me. I’m glad I got away before you….

I need to leave the past where it belongs. 

I know I will find somebody better. Somebody with a job. Somebody who won’t guilt me into giving him money to use for things I don’t even approve of. Somebody who will treat me a lot better than you did. 

Just have to wait. For a miracle.